About us

In 1991 my big dreams came true – I got a long-awaited bull terrier puppy from the parents, a brindle bitch bought from Bulldozer Kennel – BORA Buldo┼╝er.

Although she only released one litter (1 dog and 1 female) from her just started my kennel.

In 1992, I received the nickname BISURMAN, which I have been keeping my puppies up to today.

In 2003, came to live with us Tibetan Mastiff ASMA-UMA Miriada bought in a Kennel near Poznan.

  Today, BIURMAN is one of the largest and most famous Tibetan Mastiff kennels. Both races combine in addition to beauty, magnetism, which consists of physical and mental strength, intelligence, stubbornness, a bit of defiance, a pinch of cruelty, and above all the immensity of love offered to us unselfishly.

Today I know for sure – dogs are a disease that has fallen deeply into my heart and is incurable, it is my life’s passion.